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S3: Ep. 2 - Being a Trans Woman in America

Layne talks with Tahtianna "Candy" Fermin about her experience as a Trans woman in America, growing up on the East Coast trying to find her way through coming out as gay - and knowing that wasn't right; realizing she was Trans, being unsuccessful at finding employment and ultimately turning to sex work before turning her life around to become the CEO of Bridges4Lyfe, an ordained minister, model and choreographer. Listen to her incredible story and gain a new perspective on what it's like to be a Trans woman in America from an actual Trans woman.

Tahtianna's Bio:

A Choreographer, Model , an Ordained Minister; the founder and CEO of Bridges4Life, which works to help teens and young adults on the street and in foster care become responsible, self-sufficient, confident and educated adults. Bridges4Life provides housing, preparation for adulthood involved in the SexTrade specifically Black Trans Sex Workers and Sex Trafficking survivors.

Tatiana is also CEO and chair president of The National LGBTQ Workers Center’s NYC chapter, serving on the Center’s National Board as its New York Liaison. A community activist since 2008, Tahtianna has been a Community Follow-Up Worker (CFW) at Housing Works Inc., a recovery coach and patient navigator at The Alliance For Positive Change, amongst other initiatives, as well as speaking at the Presidential debate in 2008 for Barack Obama, Tahtianna was a key element, in the implementation of hormonal therapy through Medicaid.

With passion for business, preaching, ministry, social media, and of all things TGNC inclusive. She has both the skill set and professional background necessary to dive deep into the ministry world. As an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills, She envisions an exciting future in the industry.

Tahtianna is a wife, mother, daughter, sibling and most importantly a minister of our community.

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