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S4 | E3 Juliany, Storyteller Tells Their Story

Updated: Sep 28

On this episode, Layne talks with storyteller, playwright, poet, and artist Juliany Taveras about their journey to finding themselves, what it means to authentically express yourself and how it feels to be the playwright for a critically acclaimed show at the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis.

Juliany is an amazing, trans/non-binary soul who stopped by the Podcast to spread some love and awareness. It was a wonderful conversation that was a helpful reminder that while we are all so, so different, there is SO much we have in common.

Layne also shares what he loves (EVERYTHING) about being Trans and what he hates about it. (NOTHING really).

Learn more about Juliany at and score tickets for the upcoming show of Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress live in Minneapolis October 10 - November 19!

Get Tix here!

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