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Updated: Dec 4, 2020


Layne & Daniel discuss the many extraordinary ‘FIRSTS’ that happened as a result of the 2020 Election as well as Trans Trailblazers and reveal their own personal first Trans role models.

Just a few of the FIRSTS in this year's election:

Kamala Harris - FIRST woman, POC and person of Indian-American descent to be elected VP

FIRST time a President-Elect specifically spoke about Trans and Gay Americans in an acceptance speech

Delaware elected our FIRST transgender US senator

Vermont elected its FIRST transgender state legislator

Kansas elected its FIRST transgender legislator, who is also Native American

Tennessee elected its FIRST two openly LGBTQ+ legislators

Georgia elected its FIRST openly gay state senator

NY elected 2 openly gay, black men to congress, including the FIRST queer, Afro-LatinX official to serve in the US congress


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