Layne and Daniel share their personal experiences dating, coupling and honoring their Trans identities with others. How to approach difficult conversations, when is the right time to disclose your gender identity, and the joys of Trans relationships are all discussed.

Trans Dating Resources

LET'S GET REAL: A Question And Answer Guide for Dating Trans Folks

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Living and Dating as a Trans Man

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Layne goes one-on-one with Trans advocate, Forbes contributor, journalist, columnist and nationally known trailblazer Dawn Ennis. They discuss when and how Dawn came out, what it's like to be a Trans

S2. Ep. 3: Damien Lopez

On this week's show, Layne talks with Damien Lopez, author of the inclusive LGBTQIA+ children's book: I Am a Prince. Damien shares his coming out story and journey to where he is today and both guys t